Twin Metal Chairs

Twin Metal Chairs

How was your weekend? Hope you had time to do something enjoyable. I had fun working out in my garage.

Before I begin, I just want to thank you for all the wonderful compliments on my headboard makeover. That was my most commented post since I started blogging last May. Whoo Hooo! That extra pat on the back is so affirming and I am motivated and excited to finish many of my other DIY projects, so that I can continue to share them with you.

I purchased this chair from Build It Green! NYC and it has been sitting in my garage for sometime waiting to be made over. The seat was not in the best shape and the metal had this brown patina that I thought would come off with some steel wool and elbow grease. When it didn’t, I decided to use some Rustoleum spray paint to restore the finish. However, the paint didn’t adhere and rubbed right off. I didn’t think I needed to prime it, but I guess I should have. So I rubbed the paint off with some more steel wool and guess what? The brown patina just about disappeared and the original metal finish was restored. Not sure how that happened, but I was ecstatic. Next, I flipped the seat over, conditioned it and applied some natural stain to it. What do you think?

As for it’s twin….

You do see the resemblance, don’t you? Similar legs with a curly cue design; how about fraternal twins? Purchased from the same place during another visit, this one had no seat and a badly chipped paint finish. I applied some Citrus Stripper to remove the paint. It came off pretty easily but trying to get into all the twist and turns of the metal was somewhat tedious, but I persevered. It looks like galvanized metal, so I will have to paint it. Not sure what color though I was thinking silver to match it’s twin. For those of you who may not know, keep in mind I am a blue/brown fanatic who is in the honeymoon stages with the color turquoise. Also, they might be placed in the same or separate rooms and will probably be used to hold a plant or my reading stash next to my bed. What do you think? What color should I paint it?

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5 Responses

  1. I thought for sure you had painted the first chair. I love happy accidents! I have no idea what color you should do for the second chair. I’m sure whatever you choose it will look good.

  2. It looks great! So fresh!

    The other chair…hmmmmmmm…..depends on function and placement.

    love, kelee

    p.s. thank-you for visiting–I love it!

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