Patio Furniture

Patio Furniture

I have been looking for patio furniture ever since I started my patio makeover. I was looking for a lounge chair and a table and chairs. I didn’t want to buy new so I have been looking on Craigs List hoping to score. So far, I did find these chairs. They are in dire need of some TLC; the paint is flaking and some of the slats need to be fixed.

But they are rather cute and I can’t wait to get at them. My brain is already doing double duty trying to decide if I should just repaint them white or do something fun and paint each one a different color. While I am pondering what to do, I decided to use them with my old table until I get lucky and score a “new” old table as well. I don’t know what type of table I am looking for but as long as they will compliment these chairs, I’m open.

As for now, my current table is green plastic with a glass insert. I bought it when we first moved into our house 10 years ago with the intent on replacing it very soon. Never happened. Although it is plastic, I have to say it came from an upscale store and is pretty substantial, a far cry from the typical, inexpensive plastic tables. Here it is in all it’s green un-lovliness.

I used Fusion spray paint for plastic. And here it is after 3 cans later. I was deliberating between a hammer metal silver or gloss white. I decided the gloss white would look better in contrast to the grey patio pavers.

Mind you, I have a lot of touching up to do. I need one more can to finish the job. Perhaps, I should have primed it first. Covering up the dark green took so many coats. My other problem is trying to get to the sections underneath the glass since it’s not removable. I tried to angle the can different ways and could not get in that tight space. I might have to use a brush on paint for those under-sections.

Anyway I think it will work with the chairs once I give them a makeover.

Update: I did my touch ups and now contemplating frosting the glass; but I am not too sure the frosted finish will hold up under the elements. I just want to disguise the not so great paint job underneath. As I mentioned before, it was just too tight of an area. Honestly, I wasted too much time and paint for such a temporary stand in. My time would have been better spent working on the chairs. Live and learn. I guess DIY hind sight is 20/20 too:)

What do you think? Should paint the chairs white or each a different color?

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  1. I think it looks great, but if the little “oopsies” bug you just throw a table cloth over it if you are out there. The rest looks great! BTW I have read a lot of books about upholstery but the rest I have just learned by doing. It really isn’t hard to pick up, I promise:)

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