Terrariums, of Course!

Terrariums, of Course!

No. 2 son graduated from fifth grade and will be off to middle school in the fall. I thought it would be nice to give parting gifts to each of the teachers he had from kindergarten through 5th grade. After weeks of brainstorming and second guessing all my ideas, one day I was in Barnes and Nobles browsing through magazines and came across a beautiful terrarium. Immediately, I thought, that’s it!

I used different containers so that each would have it’s own unique personality. I found most of these glass containers at one of my favorite thrift stores.

I read up on the right plants to use and how to plant them.

The basic ingredients are charcoal (available at pet stores), pebbles, potting soil and moss; however, there was a lot of variation in the order of layers and the use of charcoal.

Closed terrariums definitely need the charcoal due to the humidity levels.

This, by far, is my favorite one. I love it’s crock pot like shape. Actually, I kept it for myself and I made another one in it’s place.

I separated two plants to make all seven. We gave one to the principal too. We received a thank you card in the mail and she says it’s thriving.

I didn’t have the same luck with the one I kept, but that’s another story. My vegetable garden isn’t doing too well either. I wonder if it’s some sort of sign? Or, can I blame it on the intensely hot summer we’re having? I digressed, I know.

Seriously, I do love how these mini terrariums turned out and I thought they made nice end-of-year gifts for his former teachers and principal.

And an excerpt from their card, “…May this plant be a symbol of the growing knowledge, inspiration and wisdom you strive to impart on all your students, past and present… ”

And even if they don’t thrive, I wanted them to know that our family valued their work and they made a significant mark in No. 2 son’s life.

“What a teacher writes on the blackboard of life can never be erased.” (Author Unknown)
What do you think? Do you have a favorite gift idea? A favorite teacher who you adored or made a real difference in your life?

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5 Responses

  1. cute little gifts! I like what you wrote too. :)

    I taught pre-k for 19 years… it was always great to get thoughtful gifts such as these.

  2. You’ll be the coolest mom at school with those gifts! I would have definitely kept that one for myself too!

    My girls are in middle school now (sob!) and they used to paint terra cotta pots and fill them with a beautiful flower. They signed their pots too – a great memory for their teachers.