Birthday Wishes Filled With Laughter

Birthday Wishes Filled With Laughter

Yesterday was a special day. No. 2 Son turned 11. He planned the day just the way he wanted.

He requested blueberry pancakes for breakfast.

Trust me, there are blueberries in there:)

A few weeks ago, he decided that he wanted a movie party at the local theater since Wimpy Kid Dog Days was being released on his birthday. He designed his own invitations; hand delivered some, snail mailed others.

We bought “back in the day” candy for goody bags. Wondering why the candy is lined up in rows? He wanted to make sure everyone got their fair share:)

He made wimpy kid labels to continue the theme.

After way too many trips to the grocery for ingredients I thought I had on hand, the right size muffin liners and an extra pan to speed up the process of making 36 plus cupcakes (I wanted to have enough for the parents as well), he helped make the cupcakes.

We had fun decorating them together.

The popcorn and drinks during the movie and pizza afterward was more than enough so by the time the cupcakes were being served, there were a lot of “no thank yous”.

But they were pretty, everyone a little different and uniquely decorated. I like that!

Luckily, the parents enjoyed them!

I am so proud of No. 2 Son because he thought about what he wanted, planned accordingly and added his own personal touches to make it a very special day!

It was an early evening party and I’m probably the only parent that didn’t have a clue about the storyline despite the fact that No. 2 Son has read all the books. Boy did I laugh! Too loud at times, but I couldn’t help it. It was so funny! I even caught No. 1 Son, who is 21, keeled over laughing. I am still laughing as I write this. What a great way to end a busy and eventful day, with belly grabbing, non stop, over the top laughter.

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  1. Joselyn,

    Looks like both you and the little guy had a great day together. Thanks for sharing. I’m sure it’s a day he’ll never forget!