Gardening Woes

Gardening Woes

You know those “…… all I got was this lousy shirt” T-shirts? That’s what came to mind as I surveyed the produce from my garden.

Yards and yards of greenery trailing endlessly

and all I have to show for it is this little guy. Can you see him? I think he’s camera shy.

Here’s that’s better

I guess this is his older brother.

Yards and yards of greenery and 2 watermelons! What’s that about?

And that’s not all

My tomato plants grew almost as tall as me (5’8″) and didn’t produce nearly enough to justify all of this.

I know this looks like a hot mess. I waited to long to stake them and they just went craaaaaaazy.

I got about 10 Roma tomatoes

And a small lot of their Beefstakes cousins, some in very weird shapes.

The peppers followed suit. Lots and lots of greenery

with a few jalapenos here and there. In fairness, though, they produced a good amount.

It’s partly my fault though, after buying all these plants from the garden store, I took my time planting them. When I saw they weren’t blooming I used Miracle Grow Bloom Booster; it helped but not nearly as well as it did last year. Can you see a pattern here? Oh, well, I’m learning! One day I just know I will earn my green thumb:)

How did you make out this summer? Have any tips to share?

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