Free Inspiration!

Free Inspiration!

I’ve been away far too long. My hats off to those who have incorporated blogging into their lives and do it consistently without fail. I love the art of blogging but have yet to find a way that works for me. All things in time. In the meantime, I have turned my frustration into patience as I find my way. I hope that you will be patient as well. Enough of that, time for the topic at hand.

I went into the city Manhattan the other day and ended up in the Business Library and later the Mid Manhattan library a few blocks away. Found myself perusing the craft section, no surprise and I was in heaven! What can I say, it’s the simple things that make me happy. As i turned the pages of countless books, daylight quickly turned to dusk and realized hours had slipped by. Walking to my bus, my mind was racing-all the neat creative ideas, techniques and projects dancing in my head, most of which included sewing, my first love.

There were three books that really drew me in. First, I think my mouth dropped open as I flipped through The Sweater Chop Shop, written by Chrispina French, a sweater alchemist.

The cover speaks for itself; she has created some beautiful designs, all made from discarded sweaters that would have been destined for the landfill. Amazing! The sweater dress is “Project Runway” worthy, don’t you think? You can learn about her and see more of her designs at her Etsy store.

And then I stumbled upon Fabric Leftovers by D’Arcy-Jean Mine, an older publication published in 2006 but still relevant. She uses remnants and creative stitching techniques to make one of a kind fashion and home fashion designs.

Lastly, I am definitely ordering Linen Crafts by Florence Le Maux.

I always have a variety of slippers and cozy socks on hand for guests when they remove their shoes. It’s a little comical at times to see them excitingly browsing for just the right pair that they will later take home with them. However, a handmade pair like the adorable ones pictured on the cover would provide that extra touch that makes your guests feel even more special.

It was definitely the nudge I needed to pull out and dust off my sewing machine; it’s definitely time to get reacquainted. Inspiration is an incredible thing! It’s all around us. The trick is staying in the present moment long enough to take it all in. I know, I know, not an easy thing to do especially when our everyday lives are so rushed and busy. Surely, we can find 15 minutes to inspire ourselves to do something, creative or otherwise, right? I would love to know what inspires you?


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