Home by Christmas – Part 1

Home by Christmas – Part 1

Have you ever seen the Lifetime movie Home by Christmas with Linda Hamilton? It’s one of my favorite holiday movies. It’s about a newly divorced mom who encounters some bad luck and ends up homeless while her daughter is attending school abroad. While she is living out of her car, her daughter decides to return home for the Christmas and her mom executes a last minute plan to set up a temporary home in time for her daughter’s arrival. It’s a great feel good movie if you ever have an opportunity to to catch it on television.

Well Christmas is almost here and in the spirit of the movie I decided to do my own version of Home by Christmas and surprise No. 2 son, who is away at school, with a “use what you have” room makeover. Nothing to drastic but it involves finishing his desk and refinishing his desk and a couple of nightstands. Normally, I don’t refinish pieces during the winter months but I decided to take the plunge and surprise him as a welcome home holiday gift.

Just finished sanding his dresser, a hand me down from the first bedroom set Mr. DIY and I purchased many many years ago when matchy matchy was the way to go. I much prefer eclecticism and bohemian design these days, mixing and matching various elements in a room to achieve a personalized style.

So here’s the before:


Although in decent condition and not showing it’s age, the dated hardware, dental molding and curvy trim at the lower edge had to go. Looking better already.

And here it is sanded and waiting for it’s finishing.

I am thinking of doing a two toned finish, using dark stain on the top only and some federal blue milk paint I purchased a long time ago and never used.  Wish me luck!

Can’t wait to get started. Will keep you posted.