Curb Shopping

Curb Shopping

I got a tip from a friend that there was a load of wood furniture a few blocks away from my house. I thought hard about checking out the stash since the last thing I want to do is to fill up my garage all  over again. However, I couldn’t resist taking a peak. There were dressers, a desk, tall cabinet, suitcases and more. As my mouth dropped opened, I couldn’t help myself. I ended up making, not one, but two trips. First, I picked up this wardrobe.

wardrobe IMG_0502 (2)

How I lifted and maneuvered  this massive piece in the van all by myself is beyond me, but I did.  I guess the adrenaline started flowing and I turned into the incredible hulk and hoisted it into my van. You think the STRONG MUSTY smell would have stopped me but it didn’t.  I thought for sure I could bleach it away. NOT.  Even if I had been successful, though, the memory of that smell would forever linger in my mind. So back to the curb it went on bulk pick up day.

I also picked up these three vintage suitcases.


curbside shopping IMG_0487


It was dark and couldn’t see that they were in pretty bad shape. The handle on this one is so brittle, it broke the second I picked it up.

curbside shopping IMG_0486

And the trim is flaking off on this one as well.

curbside shopping IMG_0488

I will probably rip out and replace the lining of all of them because they are soiled and  stinky as well.

curbside shopping IMG_0493

I know I could use newspaper, used coffee grinds, Fabreeze, etc. to remove the smell but they are too soiled for my liking. Even thought these babies might not be salvageable, I want to try and save them anyway. Not too sure how just yet.

I went back a second time to retrieve this desk. It was missing 2 drawers.

curbside desk IMG_483

Couldn’t find them anywhere amongst the rubble. However, immediately, I thought I would even out the drawers on each side use baskets as replacements.  What I didn’t realize is that the drawers are angled.

curbside shopping IMG_0498curbside shopping IMG_0499

They are not interchangeable on either side. So I will have to work my creative brain just a little harder. Not a problem, I love doing that anyway. I liken myself to a super hero and refer to it as my creative abilities as my super power:)

Have any suggestions for revamping my new found desk and suitcases?






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  1. Love that desk! How about leaving the 2 drawers on the left as is and make the openings on the right into shelves, with or without baskets…maybe just a stack of books? Especially if you decide to paint the desk…maybe a medium gray…then the differences on each side won’t be so obvious. Whatever you do, it’s a beauty of a desk. Sorry, don’t have any suggestions for the suitcases, other than cleaning them up, and then stacking them to use as storage.

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