Meaningful Remnants

Meaningful Remnants

Hi and thanks for stopping by! I want to invite you to stop by my other blog, Meaningful Remnants where I bring attention to the unnoticed and insignificant remnants of everyday life that are just as important as the “big wows” in our lives. I tried resisting the urge to start over. I tried incorporating this new blogging direction into this blog, by changing the blog name to Meaningful Remnants, only to change it back again to The DIY Spot. I tried incorporating meaningful remnants into the tagline which seemed more of an after thought and less intentional. However, I could no longer stifle this part of my voice. It was time to stretch my blogging wings and take flight.

So, for now, I will be doing the blogging shuffle between The DIY Spot and Meaningful Remnants and post accordingly. It is my hope that this blogging divide will work itself out and I will find my way. Until then, I will continue to blog and wherever post falls, I sure hope you will be there too.


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