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A Lamp Tree Display for Christmas

A Lamp Tree Display for Christmas

Have you ever heard of a lamp tree?

Are you sure? It’s a tree made with lamp shade parts of course. I just made that up but that is what I did.

I used lamp shade frames in assorted sizes and placed them on a metal rod, all of which I just happen to have laying around. Each tier is held in place by rubber washers. It was the easiest thing to put together. I just slid each tier and used a washer on top an bottom to hold it in place.

This broken clock frame was used for the base.

The rod happen to be threaded on each end so I could screw it into a piece of wood and secure it using a metal washer and nut. Then, I hot glued the clock frame to the piece of wood and painted the base with ASCP Paris Gray.

I used a wooden drawer knob for the topper, but I think I am going to search my house for a lamp finial to use instead.

I thought of this idea to display ornaments at the craft fair but I realized it could be used to display cards at home as well. By the way, the craft fair didn’t go well but I’ll leave that story for a later post.

I adore burlap and love to think of ways to use it. I wrapped styrofoam cubes like a present, secured it with hot glue and added some trim. Again, all things I already had on hand.

Here are a few more closeups. I’m having a ball experimenting with blurry backgrounds. Finally getting the hang of my DSLR camera. Yeah!!

Pine cones are another one of my favorite things.

I love to create things from odds and ends. It’s so much more rewarding and requires that extra ounce of creativity and resourcefulness.

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DIY That Caught My Eye

DIY That Caught My Eye

Sorry, I took an unexpected blogging break. We took a family trip to Washington DC. No. 2 Son wanted to visit our Nation’s Capitol for his 10th birthday. We hit most of the touristy spots – U.S. Capitol, Library of Congress, U.S Treasury, Lincoln Monument, Washington Memorial and a couple of the Smithsonian museums. Unfortunately, we didn’t plan enough ahead to get tickets for the White House tour.

I did set out with my computer and thought I would blog while away but I left my power cord behind. I took it as a sign and thus explains part of my absence. Prior to our trip, I have to admit I have been floundering creatively, drifting from one project to the next, not finishing anything and feeling uninspired and unmotivated. That is so not me. Not sure what this creative block is about, but I do know the best remedy-surfing blogland. So, I did just that and here is a little of what caught my eye.

Tracey at General Splendour transformed her shed for just $40.

This is just too cute! Oh how I wish I had room for one of these.

I just love anything vintage, so when I saw this typewriter table, Carrie at refinished, I was smitten. You have to pop over there and see the before to fully appreciate this transformation.

Functionally, I could see using this as a laptop workstation.

And this dresser is proof positive that anything can be salvaged. You have to visit Emily at Lovely Beasts to see the horrendous condition it was in.

Well, I am definitely re-inspired. And since I most likely got your creative juices flowing, as well, I discovered two great giveaways for Annie Sloan Chalk paint that is all the rage, especially among DIY crowd:

So hurry on over to Little Miss Penny Wenny as it ends Monday, August 21 and Robyn Story Designs until Wednesday, August 24.

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Tweet Tweet!

Tweet Tweet!

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Yes, I finally jumped on board the Twitter bandwagon. I know I’m a little late but I didn’t want to start tweeting just to tweet. Rather, I wanted to wait until I thought it through so that I can use it as a tool to pass on tidbits of creative information that doesn’t warrant a lengthy post.

I promise to refrain from tweeting about what I had for dinner (unless it’s a creative or fantastic recipe) or the lackluster routine events of my day. And I hope that you will let me know with your comments if my tweets are meaningful, informative and/or offer any value to your life.

And I would be honored if you would follow me. And let me know if you’re on Twitter, so that I can follow you as well. Until then, Tweet Tweet!

Enjoy your weekend!