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Papercrafting Station

Papercrafting Station

I decided to turn my secretary into a papercrafting station.

secretary IMG_1490

The top section used to look like this filled with various tchotchkes


secretary before IMG_1252

while the drawers were filled with random miscellaneous stuff.

secretary drawers before


So I emptied everything out

secretary IMG_1261

and replaced the fabric backing with a colorful paper background. I added back the things I like to look at or inspire me.

secretary IMG_1360


Like a reminder to “DREAM” big


secretary IMG_1429


secretary IMG_1446

A couple of angel ornaments that are never put away

angel ornaments IMG_1426


and very important reminders of my triumphs too.


secretary IMG_1453

What’s left of a childhood tea set

tea set

and various stamps throughout.


secretary IMG_1433

I’m so happy most everything I need is now in one place,

secretary IMG_1441

a place for everything and everything in it’s place.


secretary table top

I’m ready to create!


This piece has come a long way since it’s painted  beginnings:). Sometimes I get the urge to paint it again and then I remember all the hours I spent stripping it and wimp ou every time. Who knows, never say never.


secretary before


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Fine Dining Takes Time

Fine Dining Takes Time

I am so happy to be back in the garage stripping furniture again. It’s been a while, a long while. Now that the clutter has been eradicated, I have room to work again. I’m working on a dining room table  that I purchased some time ago. It’s been waiting patiently for it’s transformation.

dining table IMG_9985 cropped


When I saw it in the thrift store, I immediately thought about it’s Pottery Barn cousin, selling for a whole lot more.

pottery barn Tivoli dining table



Of course I saw beyond the dated parquet top.



dining table closeup IMG_9987

I wanted a light finish table this time around since my previous dining room tables have had a dark finish. My dining room is really small and I think a light table might help give the illusion of more space.  I saw a bleached wood table I saw in a magazine years ago and always wanted to give it a try. However, After sanding and bleaching it, however,  I didn’t quite get the results I anticipated. Yes, it is a blotchy mess.


dining table sanded bleached  IMG_9989


So I have to decide, do I give in go with a dark stain or do I paint it ?  I’m a light color. I’m actually on the fence about it. I also was thinking about a two tone finish, with the pedestal base in a different color. I can always try a dark stain and if I don’t like it, paint over it. Decisions, decisions; sometimes, I just can’t make up my mind and get paralyzed by all the options playing out in my head. What can I say, fine dining take time :)

Are you ever unsure how to proceed with any of your projects? What do you do to get off the fence?

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A Desk Molded into Shape – Part 2

A Desk Molded into Shape – Part 2

Here’s where I left off with this desk a few weeks back.

desk front  IMG_8148

Anytime I’m unsure of how to proceed or I second guess myself, procrastination sets in, and there you have it, an unfinished piece waiting for closure far too long. Taking note of it’s unfinished state when passing by, I get so annoyed with my indecisiveness. Can you relate to this experience?

But the other day, I decided to embrace the uncertainty of it all and take a creative stand once again. I stained the molding I added to drawers. At first, I stained everything in varying shades of brown as you see in the second drawer. However, I liked the mix of the natural and stained wood tones and went with that.

MCM desk stained drawers IMG_8196

Mistakenly, second guessing my original creative decision, I sanded off the previously painted top and tried a dark painted/stain finish instead. It looked hideous!  I didn’t  take any pictures, but trust me, it wasn’t pretty. I repainted  the top white again, afterward, uttering a huge sigh of relief.

And after all that procrastination and second guessing, here it is:

MCM desk angle view IMG_8398
I used the original hardware.

MCM hardware IMG_8351

However, the finish was really bad, so I decided to spray paint them white.


As for the legs, I sanded off the original finish and couldn’t decide, dark or light.

MCM desk angle view IMG_8399

So I left them natural.


All it needs is a couple coats of wax and it will be ready to begin it’s second life.

MCM desk front view IMG_8390

Not sure of it’s final destination, but it has lots of storage, two drawers on one side and a cubby on the other.

MCM desk open drawers IMG_8404

So here’s the before, tired and leaning to one side.

desk before front  IMG_7464

and here’s the after, strong and confident.

MCM desk front view IMG_8390

All in all, I’m pleased. Mid Century Modern Desk completed. Check. So many more pieces waiting in the wings but I’m making progress and have kicked procrastination to the curb once again. Hands on hips, I almost feel like a creative super hero. Yeah!!!

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