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Is it Spring Yet?

Is it Spring Yet?

The calendar says it’s spring but the outdoor elements tell me otherwise. It snowed a couple of days ago! I am so ready for spring and to get my mind off the cold weather, I have directed my thoughts toward exercising my green thumb.

I couldn’t resist and bought some seed packets the other day. This will be my first attempt growing veggies from seeds.
garden IMG_9868

I just wish I would have thought of this a few weeks ago as I should have started them weeks ago. As you might already know, I am the perpetual late gardener. Planting schedules and protocol overwhelm me so I just wing it and go with my gut.  Am I always successful? Nope. But I do have fun pushing the limits and experimenting. Here’s my theory though – Late start to spring = late end to summer, giving me enough time to catch up.

And my last visit to Home Depot, I saw some flowers I’ve never seen before. I don’t know their name. The sign just said perennials.

garden IMG_2789

They looked like a colorful cross between a mushroom (shape) and a marigolds (texture), if that makes any sense.

No label for this one either but they sure are pretty.

garden IMG_2791
Do you recognize either of them?

This one was labeled, Vigoro and it’s an annual.

garden IMG_2793

I’m ready to make a change as I usually gravitate toward Begonias or Impatiens. But seeing that the chill in the air is lingering, I have a little more time to decide.

Also exploring vertical gardening options since my back yard has limited in ground planting space. I do mostly container gardening. I have big plans for this growing season. The trick is turning these plans into reality.

Have any green thumb plans of your own?

Gardening Woes

Gardening Woes

You know those “…… all I got was this lousy shirt” T-shirts? That’s what came to mind as I surveyed the produce from my garden.

Yards and yards of greenery trailing endlessly

and all I have to show for it is this little guy. Can you see him? I think he’s camera shy.

Here’s that’s better

I guess this is his older brother.

Yards and yards of greenery and 2 watermelons! What’s that about?

And that’s not all

My tomato plants grew almost as tall as me (5’8″) and didn’t produce nearly enough to justify all of this.

I know this looks like a hot mess. I waited to long to stake them and they just went craaaaaaazy.

I got about 10 Roma tomatoes

And a small lot of their Beefstakes cousins, some in very wierd shapes.

The peppers followed suit. Lots and lots of greenery

with a few jalapenos here and there. In fairness, though, they produced a good amount.

It’s partly my fault though, after buying all these plants from the garden store, I took my time planting them. When I saw they weren’t blooming I used Miracle Grow Bloom Booster; it helped but not nearly as well as it did last year. Can you see a pattern here? Oh, well, I’m learning! One day I just know I will earn my green thumb:)

How did you make out this summer? Have any tips to share?