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New Mexico

New Mexico

I had the pleasure of traveling to New Mexico this summer. After reading this post, I decided to rely on my point and shoot camera and limit the picture taking overall. I wanted this trip to be more of an “present moment” experience. And you really can’t be in present moment if you are busy taking pictures.

My family and I spent a week in Taos, Santa Fe and Albuquerque. As I write this, I am on the flight home and I am so proud of myself now that I can finally spell Albuquerque effortlessly:) Although I found New Mexico to be a little too touristy, we focused on it’s cultural attractions – museums, landmark churches, Native American cultural centers and toured the Taos Pueblo (an intense history lesson).

But what I was truly smitten with was the open roads and wide open spaces. The drive from Albuquerque to Santa Fe

ABQ to Santa Fe IMG_6823

was just as scenic as views along The Turquoise Trail, a 54 mile stretch along Highway 14.

Turquoise Trail  open road IMG_6912

That was really special. We passed a few ranches

Turquoise Trail  Ranch IMG_6915

and lone houses.

Turquoise Trail  House IMG_6894

The towns are quaint and just take you back in time. Isn’t this just darling?

Turquoise Trail  mail boxes IMG_6908

It was a leisurely drive. A couple of times, in between towns, Mr. DIY pulled off on the side of the road so that I could snap a few pics. During one of the stops, I heard Mr. DIY and the boys quietly, trying to quickly lure me back into the car and I couldn’t understand why.
Then they pointed out a huge snake camouflaged on a rock very close to where I was standing. Yikes!

IMG_6905 snake
As we drove off I started thinking all the “what ifs” as Mr. DIY started joking about how he would have come to my rescue by applying a tourniquet, sucking out the venom and rushing me to the nearest hospital. While his humor stopped the “what ifs”, after the laughter died down, I kept repeating my most favorite prayer, thank you, thank you, thank you…….
Turquoise Trail IMG_6904

Snake and all, it was all breathtakingly beautiful. If I’m ever in the area again, I would stop in each town along the Turquoise Trail for sure. Have you ever visited a place that has taken you back in time?

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This summer my family and I had the opportunity to travel to Barcelona. Spain is absolutely beautiful and I had a great time!

The first couple of days we used the Barcelona Turistica Tour busses to get acclimated and give us an overview of the various sights and landmark buildings.

Further into the trip, we visited the Temple Sagrada de la Familia.

As I listened to a headset tour all of sudden the voice stopped and a choir began to sing The Lord’s Prayer. I turned around looking for the choir. It sounded so clear and beautiful. I thought it was a live performance. As I continued to listen, gazing at this magnificent view, it gave me chills. That was a powerful moment I will never forget.

We learned all about the life of Anotonio Gaudi, an architect who designed this magnificent structure.

As we strolled around we would stumble upon other great edifices like the Barcelona Cathedral

The level of detail and intricacy gets me ever single time.

Later we visited Park Guell

where Gaudi’s home sits.

I would have loved to have gone inside and explore more of his work but it was our last day and we were short on time.

Park Guell is very hilly and when you get to the top the view, even on a very cloudy day, is absolutely breathtaking.

We always try to visit at least one familiar place like a zoo or aquarium so we spent a few hours at L’acquarium Barcelona. We refused to let the usual long lines deter us.

No.2 son who just turned 11 really enjoyed it. It’s so neat to see the excitement in his eyes, un-jaded by previous aquarium experiences. Even No. 1 son, who is rarely moved by anything pulled out his IPhone to snap a couple of pics.

And then there was much family discussion about viewing Barcelona from above as well

I’ve been on trams before; however, this one scared me for some unexplainable reason. Learning that Gaudi died in a tram accident didn’t help matters either. So we decided to stay on solid ground.

On occasion, we would take a taxi to get to a destination; however, we mostly used the metro and bus system to get around. But whenever possible, we walked; we love to walk. As I did when we went to London, I used a pedometer to keep track of our daily steps; 61,811 steps to be exact.

I do have more to share but this post is much too long already. Just thinking about our time there makes me smile and I feel so blessed and thankful to have had the experience.

Have you ever been to Barcelona or have a favorite destination that you look back on fondly?

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Between Naps on the Porch: Metamorphosis Monday