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Papercrafting Station

Papercrafting Station

I decided to turn my secretary into a papercrafting station.

secretary IMG_1490

The top section used to look like this filled with various tchotchkes


secretary before IMG_1252

while the drawers were filled with random miscellaneous stuff.

secretary drawers before


So I emptied everything out

secretary IMG_1261

and replaced the fabric backing with a colorful paper background. I added back the things I like to look at or inspire me.

secretary IMG_1360


Like a reminder to “DREAM” big


secretary IMG_1429


secretary IMG_1446

A couple of angel ornaments that are never put away

angel ornaments IMG_1426


and very important reminders of my triumphs too.


secretary IMG_1453

What’s left of a childhood tea set

tea set

and various stamps throughout.


secretary IMG_1433

I’m so happy most everything I need is now in one place,

secretary IMG_1441

a place for everything and everything in it’s place.


secretary table top

I’m ready to create!


This piece has come a long way since it’s painted  beginnings:). Sometimes I get the urge to paint it again and then I remember all the hours I spent stripping it and wimp ou every time. Who knows, never say never.


secretary before


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Let’s Hear It For the Leftovers!

Let’s Hear It For the Leftovers!

Happy Post Thanksgiving! I hope  your Thanksgiving was just what you wanted it to be. I definitely ate a little too much. But what I love more than the big day are the leftovers to be enjoyed the next day. Speaking of leftovers, I enjoy crafting leftovers too.

See those rubber remnants pieces in the background?  I just couldn’t throw them away after I finished cutting cut out the art stamps.

squared away IMG_8295

I had an inkling I could do something with the leftovers  and when I saw the holiday  Crate and Barrel catalog,  I was immediately inspired.  I love their aesthetic and I frequent their store on occasion, however, this time I was inspired to DIY instead of  BUY. I used scissors to cut and shape the pieces to mimic the images shown on this page.

stamps and CB layout 9617

Then, I used my good friend, the Dremel  Moto-Saw, to cut the plexiglass to the sizes I needed. Originally,  I purchased it to trim my art stamps; however,  I find myself using it for other things.  It is so handy when tackling a variety of crafting projects that require precision cutting.


So from some crafting leftovers, I  now have some fun holiday inspired stamps.

acorn and pinecone handmade stamps 9578

Some stamping is definitely in order. Can’t wait to get started. Let’s hear it for the crafting leftovers! Used any crafting leftovers lately?



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Stamped Design Knockoff

Stamped Design Knockoff

I think I have a problem. Not sure how serious a problem, but I’m starting to wonder. I see shapes and patterns everywhere I go. I notice patterns, shapes and design on everything. Instead of seeing the world through rose colored glasses, I see the world through shapes. Instead of fighting it, I decided to surrender and use it to my creative advantage.

So when I saw this tray at Haus Interior, I just knew I could create an easy art stamp knock off and avoid the $70 price tag.

Squaresville Nautical Birch_tray_large

I happen to have a similar tray at home. which I painted with white acrylic paint. To duplicate the same color scheme, I would use Poppy Red, Nautical Blue and Maize.

inspiration color way IMG_9193


Instead, I decided to continue the color pattern I used to stamp linen fabric earlier, using Sky Mist, Nautical Blue and Maize.

tray and fabric with stamp pad IMG_9190

I’m pleased with how it turned out in all it’s hand stamped goodness.

tray IMG_9162

Eventually, I will make another throw pillow with the fabric. I’m not a fan of matchy, matchy, but I wanted to try the pattern on more than one surface type.

tray and fabric IMG_9185

So there you have it, an easy tray designed with art stamps.

tray on table IMG_9212

I’m rather pleased.

tray close up IMG_9217

So, tell me, how do you see the world? What do you gravitate toward?

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Stamped Throw Pillow

Stamped Throw Pillow

black pillow IMG_9123

Truly, it is a manifestation of a creative idea that swirled around my head, far too long. A few months ago, after five years of marinating the idea, I decided to throw (no pun intended) caution to the wind and design and manufacture art stamps that can be mixed and matched to achieve the user’s personal design aesthetic.

paper and stamps IMG_9106

First, I experimented on paper, deciding what color and which stamps to use.

pillow with stamps IMG_9142 ver 2

Then, I move on to the surface of choice, in this case, pre-washed black linen fabric. For this pillow and the design below, I used stamps from Flower Power. I stamped twice rotating the stamp ever so slightly, to achieve a multi-layered design using a Versacraft White stamp pad.

fabric and stamp IMG_9125 rev
For this next design, I used two different size circles from Full Circle Moments on white linen.

tone on tone circles IMG_9087
I used Versacraft Sand and Memento Expresso Truffle stamp pads to get a varying tone on tone pattern. It’s fun experimenting with all the different colors available at Art Stamps and More.

However, for now, I’m just gushing over my throw pillow using the art stamps of my dreams.

black pillow IMG_9123

What do you think? I would love to know your thoughts and that you stopped by.

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Fun Experimenting!

Fun Experimenting!

I have spent the last couple of weeks experimenting with my very first line of art stamps. Wooo Hooo! I designed them to be used interchangeably and layered to create various design patterns and color ways. My inspiration, designer, John Robshaw. Many of his designs are block printed by hand and what I love most is the imperfection of it all. I too want to embrace and embody the beauty of perfectly, imperfect design.

With that said, I’m having fun exploring all the possibilities. Initially using only black, I used stamps from “Perfectly Paisley” and “Flower Power” with some free hand squiggles. Can you picture this border running along the side edge of a curtain or trailing along an arched door way in your choice of color? It could be subtle or bold, depending on your taste.

black paisley border

Then the VersaCraft ink pads I ordered arrived, and let’s just say I regressed to a kid in a candy store.

ink pads_8367

All that color encouraged me to step away from my usual blue and brown sensibility and venture out. I’ve been having so much fun experimenting with various color combinations.

The designs below, with the exception of the floral and paisley border, were created with the “Squared Away” and “Full Circle Moments” art stamp sheets.

For this one, I used Brick and Sand.

brick pine circle and square 2

Next, I used a Cerrulean, Ultramarine and an Autumn Leaf combination.

cerulean blue ultramarine autmn leaf circles 2

Here, the top border was created with “Flower Power” using Cherry Pink and Tangerine and I added Celadon to the patterns underneath.

cherry pink celadon autumn leaf 2

This is a tone on tone look using Sky Mist and Midnight.

midnight sky mist circles and squares 2

Then I threw in a little Maize into the mix to create a blue/yellow colorway.

midnight sky mist maize square 2

And here we have Pine, Autumn Leaf and Cherry Pink combo.

pine autumn leaf cherry pink 2

As I mentioned, I designed this collection with the intention of mixing, matching and layering to create an unlimited assortment of design possibilities. Changing the color or the combination of art stamps completely alters the look and the pattern of the design. I wanted to offer the opportunity to create without thoughts of perfection, limits or restrictions. It’s an opportunity to branch out, explore and be freeeeeeeee!

All colors and stamps are available in my Etsy store, Art Stamps and More. As I take baby steps through this creative entrepreneurial journey enterprise, I welcome your thoughts, ideas and suggestions.

Have you used art stamps to embellish and personalize your home decorating projects?

A Box and a Dream

A Box and a Dream

So the box arrived. Not just any box, THE BOX!

box IMG_8246

I could hardly contain myself. Inside contains a dream, a vision and a creative journey that I started over 5 years ago. It’s contents are a symbol of the hard work and constant thought that I had put my on the back burner far too long. After second guessing and doubting myself all along the way, I decided to kick fear to the curb and go for it!

So let’s see what’s inside. Here’s your first clue. Hmmmh, what could this be?

box opened IMG_8251

How about now? Can you guess?

art stamps stacked IMG_8262

Okay, I know the suspense is just too much as it has been for me since I began my journey. Here it is!

art stamp sheets IMG_8264

These beautiful red rubber sheets are my first set of art stamps that I designed from a DIY point of view. Art stamps are a wonderful creative tool that can be used on a variety of surfaces to give any creative project that personal touch of embellishment. And the great thing is, they are quick, easy and fun to use!

More to come. I’m heading over to Etsy to set up shop. Yeah!

Distressed Love

Distressed Love

Let me clarify, I’m referring to distressed furniture love. Before I started blogging, I was into perfect finishes. When I would refinish or makeover a piece of furniture, I would spend countless hours stripping, sanding and meticulously refinishing, being careful to remove every scratch and fix or disguise every imperfection. However, as I got more and more engrossed in blog land, my design tastes have grown and I now love and have an appreciation for just about everything. I have to give thanks to Miss Mustard Seed for opening my eyes to distressed refinishing. It was posts like her dining room reveal

that gave me inspiration for my bench makeover

I gasp every time I look at one of her makeovers. If you are not familiar with her work here is a link to some of her before and afters.

I thought I would try my hand at the distressed look again. I picked up this coaster set at the Salvation Army store. I thought it would make a cute little storage box for business cards or small office supplies but after I got it home I thought I would continue with it’s intended use and give it a much needed update.

The original stained walnut finish typical of many vintage accessories was so dull and boring. I removed the hardware, cleaned it up and gave it a good sanding.

I painted it with antique white craft paint. After letting it dry, I sanded away some of the paint.

I cleaned the handle with a metal cleaner. I might have taken off the original faux brass finish along with the dirt but I l kind of like the coppery finish that resulted.

I stamped a fleur-de-lis pattern onto the cork section. It is slightly different on each coaster. I rather like that quality of hand stamped designs.

All I have left to do is a few coats of mod podge or water based polyurethane (not sure which would be better) for protection.

What do you think?

I have a ton of other accessories to conquer. And who knows, maybe, just maybe, I might go big and try my new found distressed love on a larger piece of furniture too.

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Art Stamp and Stencil Design

Art Stamp and Stencil Design
Brenda Kula eclectic home office

Despite taking drawing classes, my ability to draw or paint what I envision in my creative brain remains a dream unfulfilled. Can you relate? Although I appreciate the uniqueness and authenticity of freehand painted design, I often gravitate toward designs that incorporate art stamps (aka rubber stamps) and stencils because I know it is doable. I might not have drawing skills but I most certainly can stamp or pounce with the best of them. Art stamps and stencils allow me to achieve a beautiful design that suggests a personalized individuality.

Like these buffets:

Refinished Buffet Into Bedroom Dresser With Funk traditional bedroom
FleaMarketTrixie eclectic living room

Or these walls:

The Upward Bound House by Vanessa De Vargas contemporary bedroom
Stencils, Stencil Supplies, Stenciling and Decorating Tips. Royal Design Studio contemporary living room

How about this fabric and wall ensemble?

stencilled hall modern hall

I designed my own stencil in different sizes for embellishing the front of this media console.

I can’t say that I enjoyed meticulously cutting out the design. I much rather purchase one. However, at the time I couldn’t find what I wanted.

How about you? Do you use rubber stamps or stencils to execute your design ideas? Have you used them to transform thrift store finds, personalize home accessories or embellish walls in your home? Or do you use them solely for your cardmaking or scrapbooking? Do you like to make your own stencils or do you prefer to buy them? I would love to know all your deep, dark art stamp and stencil thoughts.

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