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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving 2014 tablescape IMG_0792

Happy Thanksgiving!  I decided to get a jump start on the table setting by doing it the night before. I wanted it to be a forethought instead of an afterthought. which usually happens when I get caught up in the meal preparation frenzy.

I used a blanket for  a table cloth. I’ve seen others do it and fell in love with the look. I like when part of the table is exposed.

Then I grabbed whatever I had and worked from there. When I ran out of these little mini wreaths

I continued the look with these mini pine cones.

I didn’t have a complete set of wine glasses so I pulled  these monogrammed glasses out of hiding.


I think they will take our beverage of choice, sparkling cider, up a notch.

A small flower arrangement, and that’s it!

Nothing fancy. I like to think of it as basic casual elegance. That’s me.

Ready for a Thanksgiving dinner lunch since No. 1 son has to be at  work  for 4:(  If everything goes as planned  though, we will be sitting down at 2 pm.  But early is a good thing because you have the rest of the day to recuperate relax.

Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving. Enjoy!

Birthday Wishes Filled With Laughter

Birthday Wishes Filled With Laughter

Yesterday was a special day. No. 2 Son turned 11. He planned the day just the way he wanted.

He requested blueberry pancakes for breakfast.

Trust me, there are blueberries in there:)

A few weeks ago, he decided that he wanted a movie party at the local theater since Wimpy Kid Dog Days was being released on his birthday. He designed his own invitations; hand delivered some, snail mailed others.

We bought “back in the day” candy for goody bags. Wondering why the candy is lined up in rows? He wanted to make sure everyone got their fair share:)

He made wimpy kid labels to continue the theme.

After way too many trips to the grocery for ingredients I thought I had on hand, the right size muffin liners and an extra pan to speed up the process of making 36 plus cupcakes (I wanted to have enough for the parents as well), he helped make the cupcakes.

We had fun decorating them together.

The popcorn and drinks during the movie and pizza afterward was more than enough so by the time the cupcakes were being served, there were a lot of “no thank yous”.

But they were pretty, everyone a little different and uniquely decorated. I like that!

Luckily, the parents enjoyed them!

I am so proud of No. 2 Son because he thought about what he wanted, planned accordingly and added his own personal touches to make it a very special day!

It was an early evening party and I’m probably the only parent that didn’t have a clue about the storyline despite the fact that No. 2 Son has read all the books. Boy did I laugh! Too loud at times, but I couldn’t help it. It was so funny! I even caught No. 1 Son, who is 21, keeled over laughing. I am still laughing as I write this. What a great way to end a busy and eventful day, with belly grabbing, non stop, over the top laughter.

Graduation is in the Air!

Graduation is in the Air!

It is graduation times two! No. 1 son is graduating with an Associates in New Media Technology; he is continuing on but he awaiting those acceptance letters. Yep, his applications went in quite late. You see, when transfer students are given rolling admission leeway, it creates the perfect environment for first class procrastination:( And so, he waits on pins and needles.

No. 2 son is graduating from 5th grade and will be starting middle school in the fall. Since I volunteered to help decorate, I looked for decoration ideas and let’s just say Martha Stewart made it soooooo easy.

Perhaps one of these banner designs can be draped along each window of the auditorium.



And pompoms can be placed along the aisle seating.


I guess you can say all roads lead to Martha Stewart. How about you? Are you planning any DIY graduation decorations of your own?

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Nephew Proud!

Nephew Proud!

I rarely talk about my family life in any great depth but sometimes I am moved to do so. Sadly, Ohio State is out of the NCAA March Madness tournament. Last night, I was thrilled to attend a game and see Jared Sullinger, my nephew, and the rest of his amazing teammates play Kentucky University.

Prior to the game starting, I waived to Jared from afar, hoping to say hello afterward. It was a close game right down to the end and Kentucky only won by 2 points, scored in the very last seconds of the game. I know very little nothing about basketball but this past year it has been a real treat to tune into ESPN or CBS and watch him excel at what he loves. We would watch each game with such joy and excitement. Thank goodness for HD flat screens because it makes you feel like you’re actually there. Initially, I wasn’t crazy about these visual space hogs since they dominate whatever room they reside in; however, I now see why the male population loves them so. Sounds a little sexist, I know.

Jared scored 22 points and made 10 rebounds. Impressive! Final score 62, 60. You could see and feel their devastation. I was sitting with other familiy members of the players; we were all stunned. I could only see the side of Jared’s face as the team made their exit. He looked bewildered and in disbelief. But Jared continued to walk with his head held high as he and his teammates walked off the court. I felt so bad for them but, I remain in awe of what the Ohio Buckeyes have accomplished this season.

I was hoping to say hello, give him a hug and some cookies I had baked especially for him. But no such luck. Stadium personnel cleared the stands immediately at the end of the game. However, milk and cookies wasn’t going to ease the sting of this loss one bit.

Maybe at this age.

But certainly not now.

Despite this upset, it has been a blast watching Jared perform on the court, listening to the commentators speak about him with reverence, and reading about him in too many newspapers and magazines to mention. Every game is evidence of his dedication and passion for his first love, basketball. So, win or lose, I will always be proud!

Go Buckeyes!

Ready for Halloween?

Ready for Halloween?

Aren’t these adorable? I found them in my favorite grocery store, Trader Joes.

I just thought the mini pumkins were so cute!

I threw away the cellophane wrapper without looking at the label. I have no idea what you call them. I would love to know.

As for Halloween, I am so not ready. Are you? I feel so bad because No. 2 son keeps asking about Halloween decorations. And I quickly do whatever I can to change the subject. Awful, I know. There will be no mother of the year award for me. The funny thing is I do have good intentions. In my head I have visions (no, not the delusional kind) of decorating and costume ideas.

But for some reason, the execution always seem to be postponed and as the day fast approaches, I can barely manage to finish his costume. I use to make entire costumes for both No.1 and No. 2 son, but the last couple of years, I have been embellishing and/or making accessories.

This year is real simple. A magician’s cape. Now you think, I would have had that completed by now. But NOOOOOOO! Actually, in my defense, I did start making it on Sunday but I made it a little too short so I decided to purchase some more fabric and make another one. And I went to several Halloween stores looking for a magician’s hat and have been unsuccessful. I found fedoras and mad hatter styles but no magician hats sized for children. Anyway, it all has to be done by Thursday because the Halloween parade and party at his school is on Friday. As I will probably be up late Thursday pulling it all together, I will promise myself that next year will be different. I actually try to convince myself that I will be prepared and ready. And then, I start laughing, thinking “just who do you think you’re kidding?”

Can you relate to this? I sure hope so. I will be mortified if this is only my story.

It’s the Little Things in Life…..

It’s the Little Things in Life…..

It’s a another dreary day. When will this rain ever end? After dropping off No. 2 Son, I decided to head over to my favorite bakery, Buttercooky, to treat myself to a coffee latte and a brioche. As I was waiting for my order, I heard someone say “Joselyn”. My neck whipped around so fast I almost caused myself whiplash. I thought it was someone I knew. Turns out, one of their employees shares my name.

Of course, I just had to verify it for myself. I approached the counter and asked “is your name Joselyn?” “Yes” she replied. “With an “s” or a “c”", I immediately responded. “An “s”", she said. Simultaneously, we gasped, our eyes lit up and very excitedly and in unison, we said “I never met anyone with “s” before and started laughing. It was a special moment.

You have to understand, after a lifetime of people butchering my name especially in school, both teachers and students alike, this was a big deal. When I was in elementary school, Alice, Sharon, Lisa and Renay were the norm. I would shudder every time attendance was called for the first time, wondering how it was going to be pronounced. Slowly sliding down in my seat, I would hear things like “Johnston, Jaclyn, Jackson” while thinking to myself, how can they get that pronounciation from “Joselyn” as the other children snickered at my unusual name.

As I got older, I heard of people with my name, but never actually met anyone until recent years. Not too long ago, I was taking a class and the teacher said “Joselyn” and myself and another person responded together and we looked at each other with great surprise and smiled. She spelled it with a “c” though. And no matter how many times I spell my name or say Joselyn with an “s”, people will still spell it with a “c”. So encountering anyone who shares my name spelled with an “s” is a major deal.

As I was leaving the store, I waived as we made eye contact, both of us grinning from ear to ear. It’s those little things that can brighten up even the dreariest of days. Life is so full of wonderful little surprises that just make you smile.

Has your name ever caused you angst? Have any wonderful little surprises to share?

Have a wonderful weekend!

Father’s Day is Upon Us

Father’s Day is Upon Us

Father’s Day, like Mother’s day, are low key days for our familly. I cook on his day and he cooks on mine (nothing unusual since Sunday is his cooking day anyway), followed by a small gift or two. For us, it’s more about bonding as a family so we look forward to quiet celebrations at home with an easy agenda.

I bought Mr. DIY cufflings while at Renegade. He happened to mention that he was eyeing them last year when he accompanied me. Thankfully, the vendor, The Weekend Store, was there again. Adjowah Brodie designs jewelry from vintage typewritter keys, watch movements and maps. Aren’t they cute?

I think the fact that they are not identical adds even more to their charm.

And No. 2 son picked out a woodworking book for his Dad at a huge book fair we went to in the next town over. You can get “like new” hardcover books for pennies. He is an avid reader so we purchased some books for the long summer days ahead.

How about you? Any special Father’s Day plans? How do you like to spend the day?

However you choose to spend it, have a wonderful day and enjoy your weekend!

The DIY Spot’s Very First Giveaway!

The DIY Spot’s Very First Giveaway!

Has it been a year? Yes, it surely has. It’s The DIY Spot’s first anniversary! I published my very first post May 22, 2009. It has been an unbelievable journey; a little overwhelming at times, but overall it has been a rewarding labor of love.

I started blogging to meet, share and dialog with others who share my love of DIY and creativity. Finding ones place in the blog land takes time and requires patience, continuous tweaking and, most important, listening to your heart. It’s an evolving process which would not be possible without your input and encouraging words. I truly appreciate your comments which help to shape, mold and perfect The DIY Spot into the creative playground I had envisioned. I hope you will continue to come out and play with me so that we can continue on this creative journey together.

In celebration of this milestone, I am offering my very first giveaway and linking this giveaway with the 4th Annual Cottage Giveaway over at Twice Remembered.

Now for the details about the giveaway items:

1. Three blue and creamy yellow tassles. The yellow color is in between yellow and cream and would work in a blue/yellow or blue/cream color scheme. They are rather substantial and have long tie backs that have a heavy twill or burlap like texture.

2. Two muted silver wire baskets

3. Six plaid napkin rings – blue and antique white close in color to the tassels and

4. Four blue and white ceramic finials (metal collar has a bushed silver metal finish)

Please note due to the postage expense, this giveaway is limited to those living within the United States.

If you would like a chance to win this collection, you can do one of the following:

1. Become a fan or follower of The DIY Spot (see sidebar) and leave a comment indicating that you are a new fan or follower. If you are already a fan or follower, please leave a comment requesting to be entered in the giveaway or
2. blog, tweet or facebook about the giveaway and leave a comment.
You do not have to be a blogger to enter this giveaway. You can leave a comment and email your entry here. Please be sure and put DIY Giveaway in the subject header.

After completing one of the above options, a comment is required requesting entry!

Please note that an email address is also required so that I can get in touch with you, should you be the lucky winner. Giveaway ends 12 pm on May 29 and a winner will be selected using random.org. If for any reason, I do not hear from the winner within 2 weeks, another winner will be selected. The post will be updated May 29 to include the winner’s name.

In the meantime, I encourage you to pay a visit to Twice Remembered which is hosting a multi blog giveaway for the entire month of May.

Good luck and thanks for entering!

Happy 100th Post!

Happy 100th Post!


Woo Hoo! I know there should be celebration plans to acknowledge my 100th post, however, timing was not with me on this one. This week, I just completed a major writing project that literally consumed every minute of every day, for the last week. There was little time for even sleep and it got the better of me. And when I had the opportunity to catch some ZZZ’s, I would literally crash. It got so bad that my number 2 son woke me up 20 minutes before we had to leave for school one day. Yikes!! My husband woke me up before leaving for work, but apparently I never woke up. It was like running a mini marathon and we actually made it on time. Anyway, I submitted my project and now it’s time to get back to my creative life.

As for celebrating, perhaps I can hold off for a different milestone. Any ideas fellow bloggers? But for this milestone, I want to thank everyone who has visited and/or commented for my first 100 posts and hope that you will continue to visit and comment in the posts ahead.

Any fun plans this weekend? Whatever you are up to, have a wonderful one and Happy Spring!